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Questions to ask when buying a condo

Buying a condo is a heavy investment but one that’s rewarding in the long run. A good condo should not only be appealing to the eye but also affordable and convenient for you. The demand for condos has grown in the past few years as people continue to realized the benefits.

When you finally find one that you love and meets all your needs, it’s important to ask a few questions. You should ask the management team as well as yourself. The answers will give you a better understanding of what you are getting yourself into and whether it is all worth it.

If you can answer these questions, you can go ahead and own your first condo.

Who is managing the condos?

Some condos have a management team while others are self – managed. Self – managed condos are entirely left to tenants to make management decisions. Tenants meet and set out rules and regulations regarding the tower unanimously. Condos with a management team means that the team sets out the rules and passes them on to tenants who must follow them. If the condos are under a management team, it is vital that you ask to meet them. This will help you ascertain if it is a good team capable of delivering.

Is there storage space and parking space?

2Condos are relatively smaller compared to homes. Unlike homes or townhouses which have attics or storage rooms, condos do not. It is therefore important to ask if you will be provided with storage where you can keep extra luggage and other things like bikes etc. It is also important to enquire about parking space. Even if you do not own a car at the moment, consider your visitors as well as the future.

Ask about the insurance policy

When buying a condo, ask if there is an insurance policy and what it covers. It is crucial for you to understand how much damage the policy covers. If you agree with the terms of the cover, make sure you sign the document and keep a copy. If you forget to ask this question at the beginning, it will be difficult for you to make any claims if/when damage occurs.

How long do you intend to stay here?

Before you purchase a condo, ask yourself how long you see yourself living in that condo. Do you see yourself moving in the next 3 or 5 years? If yes, will you sell the condo or will you keep it and maybe rent it? If you intend to move out in the next few years, you will need to ask the management the terms of moving out. For example, if you see yourself moving but still want to retain ownership, do they allow renting out the condo?

How much are maintenance and tax fees?

3Another important question to ask when buying a condo is about the maintenance and tax fees. You should understand how much money you will be paying and on what basis.

Other important questions to ask yourself as well as the management are rules on the use of amenities by guests, what exactly you are paying for ownership as well as which side you would like your condo to face. If you are still wanting to buy a condo, checkĀ to learn more.


Having a new roof put on your home

One of the first things to start showing age on your home will be the roof. The roof gets all the damage from mother nature. After a while, the roof will make the whole house look old. If it is a shingle roof, the shingles will start to fall off or will start to bend up. If it is an asphalt roof, it will start to blow off and tear. A steel roof will fade after time. When this starts to happen, you have two choices, and that is to replace or have a new roof installed.

If you decide to go with a new roof, then we will go over a few different types of roofs that you can have installed.

Steel roof

2A lot of people are going with steel roof because they last a lot longer than other roofs do. The nice thing about steel is you can repaint them when they start to fade. Some people say that the steel roof also is cooler to have when the weather is hot. The cost of the steel roof is a lot cheaper than the other roofs too. They also install faster than wood or asphalt roofing does.

Stone-coated roof

You will see this type of roof on newer homes; the look is out of this world. The look will make your home look 20 years newer after you have it installed. They can have it made in any color. It cost a little more than some of the other types of roofing. This kind of roof has a longer life.

Seam steel roof

You will see this used in a lot of businesses. Now, a lot of people have been using it for their homes. This style of roof is the easiest to install and the cheapest. Just like the steel roof, it can be painted when it fades. What makes this type of roof a good choice is it works the best out of most of the roofs do. This kind of roof can come in any color; some people even have their advertisements painted right on top of the roof.

Cedar roofing

3This style of roofing is the most common of them all. If you are looking for the old fashion look, then the cedar is the best choice. This type of roof has a bigger price than some of the others do, and it takes a little bit longer to install. You can get your roof replacement in Chicago, they will help you with any questions you might have.