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The types of pool heaters

Apart from having fun, a swimming pool is a source of maintaining your health. Moreover, a swimming pool is a lifetime investment that should be taken care of properly. Evidently, this includes replacing the water without forgetting treating the water. If you want to enjoy swimming, it is good that you buy a pool heater to warm the water in the swimming pool.


The various types of water heaters range from solar heaters, gas pool heaters, and electric pool heaters. When you have a pool heater, you can always extend your swimming season for the length of time that you want. Below are the various types of pool heaters and their features.

Solar heaters

What are solar pool heaters? When we talk about the word solar, it has to do with the sun. Solar heaters are used in areas with a sunny climate.  Solar heaters are economical. In fact, with solar heaters, you do not have to incur additional charges because it relies mainly on the sun on energy. When you are buying a solar heater, ensure you pick one that is capable of circulating all the water through the water.

Electric heaters

Unlike solar heaters, electric pool heaters are powered by electricity. Electric heaters are advantageous because they can warm water very fast. Most people who prefer electric heaters are those who live in cold places, which solar heaters cannot be effective. Despite the external temperatures in your area, you can still use electric heaters to heat water without problems. How do electric heaters work? They draw water from outside, then compress it after it warms the water using the heated air. As we said earlier, electric heaters warm water at a faster rate compared to solar heaters, and because of that, they have a low operation cost. In addition, the installation cost is relatively low given that fact that it can serve you for quite a while.

Gas pool heaters

Gas pool heaters are another type of pool heaters. They can be used to warm water for a short period of time. You can only use gas heaters in a pool that is not used for quite often. Gas pool heaters are also good because they can warm your pool regardless of the exterior temperatures in your region. How do gas pool heaters operate? Gas heaters burn natural fuel; they burn the air in the combustion tube. After that, it transfers the heat to the water in the pool. If you use this type of heater, make sure to have a large storage tank.


These three types of pool heaters are some of the most common types of pool heater that are available in the market. Although it is important to note that, other types of pool heaters were not mentioned in this article. On a different note, always keep in mind that pool heaters are long-term investments. For this reason, it is important to opt for a model that can serve you for an extended period of time.