The Apus Launcher

apus launcher

apus launcher

People just have to love Android. This operating system lets you customize it the way you want. Other platforms might not always let you manipulate them the way you want. Apus is a launcher app meant to help you easily access, and interact with your Android device. We live in a world that people are free to create apps for different functions, it seems like launchers have become popular. With so many launchers available, there is the need to become exceptional and it seems like Apus has made it.

APUS was just launched in 2014 and it has already made major headlines in the app industry. Why do people love this app? The first thing to note is that the app gives you the capability to interact with the phone on so many levels. Those people who have never liked launchers might just change their mind. This is an app that has received an average of 4.0 rating out of 5 for over millions of downloads. This simply shows that the app can deliver what people expect it to do.

Are you a person who loves home screens? Brace yourself for a storm as this app offers many home screens for your phone. The tradition between the home screens is faster than any other launcher you have seen. The sole reason for this fast transition is that the app is quite small but packed with many features. Most people think that the launchers might just slow down the phone. That is because you are not using this type of launcher. The presence of a universal search bar is something different in the launcher industry. The search bar helps you to easily search for the apps or the internet in general.

The themes offered by the Apus launcher are quite remarkable. They will give your phone a fresh look that you have always wanted. The launcher makes many things simple, even better than the phone manufacturer themselves. It is common to find some complaints about the launcher, but we all understand that not all things will always be perfect. Most people complain about the ads, but that is something that can be addressed through offering the paid version. The paid version is not available now. The bottom line is that this is the fastest Android launcher in town right now. It can be installed on almost every device. It helps in the sorting of the apps and optimizes the phone to make it work faster.